Electronics & Communication Engineering

  • Started: 1998
  • Level(s): UG & PG
  • Duration: B.Tech(UG) - 4 Years & M.Tech(PG) - 2 Years

This rapidly advancing branch of engineering is the most sought after. From mobile phones to fibre optics and highly advanced satellites and remote sensing, mind boggling opportunities and challenging careers are available.

For a successful career in Electronics & Communication Engineering, the aspiring professional needs develop an analytical mind, strong problem solving abilities, sound mathematical and scientific foundation and a constant thirst for knowledge. The department of ECE at Visvodaya offers right atmosphere aimed to train students who are strong in core areas with contemporary knowledge and innovative skills, both functional and integrative in the field of electronics.

S.No. Course Regulation File
1 B.Tech R13  
2 B.Tech R15 Download
3 M.Tech - DSCE R15 Download
4 M.Tech - VLSI Design R15 Download
S.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. A. Maheswara Reddy Professor & Head M.Tech, Ph.D

Labs in the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

  1. Electronics devices & circuits lab
  2. Basic Simulation Lab
  3. Electronic Circuits Analysis & Design lab
  4. Analog and Digital Communications lab
  5. VLSI Lab
  6. Micro Processor & Microcontrollers lab
  7. Embedded Systems Lab
  8. DSP lab
  9. Microwave lab & Optical Communication lab
  10. IC-applications lab

Additional Lab facilities

  1. Lab VIEW
  2. High Frequency Structure Simulator(HFSS)
  3. Antenna fabrication & testing
  4. Software Defined Radio(SDR) system