Master of Computer Applications

  • Started: 2006
  • Level(s): PG
  • Duration: M.C.A.(PG) - 3 Years

The vast prowess of the Indian software Sector is now universally respected and eagerly sought after. It is the only sector which is constantly expanding and offering rewarding remunerations.

The Department of MCA aims to meet the aspirations of students of the non technical domain to compete in the technical area.

S.No. Course Regulation File
S.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Mr. P. Eswaraih Professor & Head M.C.A., (Ph.D.)

Labs in the Department of Master of Computer Applications

  1. C-Programming Lab
  2. Java Programming Lab
  3. Database Management systems Lab
  4. UML Lab
  5. Linux Programming Lab
  6. Object Oriented Analysis and Design Lab
  7. Software Testing Lab
  8. Operating Systems Lab
  9. Web and Internet Technologies Lab
  10. Data Warehousing & Mining Lab
  11. Grid & Cloud Computing Lab
  12. Mobile Application Development Lab

Additional Lab facilities

  1. Android applications
  2. Multimedia and Web designing